Sunday, 6 February 2011

Little Life Day Sack

  My little boy Freddy is now 18 months old and is extremely keen to explore the world.  There are times when his wanderlust is a complete nightmare, as he runs away to look at whatever it is that catches his eye.  Holding hands is so restrictive for him and he gets frustrated.  It is important that he has the freedom to run around and discover everything life has to offer him now he is so mobile. But I obviously want to avoid those heart stopping moments when my precious child disappears out of sight.

We wanted (needed!) a solution that would keep him safe, and yet still allow him his freedom.  Some toddler reins are really old fashioned and would make him feel like a dog on a leash.  I wanted something that would be fun but functional.

After some research I discovered Little Life who make the amazing Day Sack.  With a variety of beautifully designed ruck sacks, they really do put the FUN in FUN-ctional!!  A safety wrist strap attaches discretely to a clip on the back of the ruck sack so the parent can keep a hold of their wayward toddler, while they enjoy feeling like a grown-up with their own funky little bag!
Little life, toddler safety, rucksack
We chose the turtle shell design.  The day sack clips firmly around the toddler's chest and seems very comfortable.  The zip up bag is big enough for a favourite toy, a snack or even a couple of nappies and wipes (!!)  There is a little zip up compartment that contains a novelty weatherproof  hood which matches the bag design, so Freddy looked like a little turtle which was so cute and a lovely feature of the day sack. The handle at the top of the bag is strong and sturdy enough to grab if the child if the child is falling.  A thoughtful internal name tag would be very useful if the child took the bag to nursery.

Retailing at £18.99 (we got ours from Boots) the Day Sack also comes in a variety of other designs including ladybird, bumble bee or cow print.  I love them!  More importantly, so does Freddy!

*I have not been approached to write this review and have received nothing in return for it.  I paid for this product myself.  I love it and want to tell other mums about it, so their toddlers can be safe and happy too!!*


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