Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Super Smoocher Lavera Lipstick Review...Pucker Up Naturally!!

Last month I reviewed a selection of Super Smoocher's amazing lip balms.  I was bowled over by the company's ethos, the products, the prices and the wonderful attentive service.  You can read all about it here.

As well as lip balms Super Smoocher also stock a brand new range of 100% natural lipsticks for beautiful, colourful lips.  The natural and organic lipsticks come in a range of colours so you'll be sure to find your favourite shade.  What's more, you won't be putting any nasty chemicals on your can look stunning without compromise.  This is something Super Smoocher are passionate about!

It's a terrifying statistic that a woman can consume 4 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime!  That means that if you are using a lipstick that is not natural you could be ingesting harmful substances such as mineral oils, synthetic dyes and fragrances, aluminium, lead and carcinogenic preservatives.  Allergic reactions, dermatitis and irritations can also occur.  The skin of the lips is very thin and some chemicals actually dry out the surface which means you apply more lipstick...repeating the damaging behaviour.  When faced with these facts you have to wonder why we do such potentially damaging things to our bodies.  We watch our diets and wouldn't dream of tucking in to a plate of petroleum based coal tar.  Why then do we smother it on our lips and allow it to be absorbed through our mouths!  Super Smoocher offer us a range of natural alternatives that really are good enough to eat!

I was approached to test a Lavera Trend Sensitiv Beautiful Lips Lipstick, so I excitedly checked out the site to pick out my choice of colour.  They are available in ten rich, vibrant shades from the lush sounding Peach Amber to the exotic Sunset Orange.  I chose Golden sounded perfect...I want my lips to be totally kissable and smoochable after all!

Lavera is Latin for "the truth" which applies perfectly to the philosophy and committment of the company.  Lavera use raw plant materials from certified organic sources, wherever possible.  Their products are 100% free from synthetic perfumes, colourants and preservatives.  They ensure skin compatibility through testing on volunteers...not animals!

The lipsticks contain organic Jojoba Oil that moisturises the lips preventing dehydration, and keeps them feeling soft and supple. All the ingredients are fully disclosed guaranteeing no unexpected hidden nasties!
Absolutely no parabens or harsh petrochemicals here!

My lipstick arrived individually wrapped in tissue paper as is customary for Super Smoocher purchases.  It never fails to delight me, unwrapping the tantalising little package to discover what lies beneath.

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The lipstick case looked really classy, black with silver detail and a transparent end to the lid.  The lipstick itself was embossed with the company name 'Lavera'.  It simply shouted out quality!  The colour was vibrant and totally lived up to its name "Golden Kiss"!  It looked similar to the high end cosmetic ranges you see on the high street, so choosing a natural alternative didn't mean having to compromise on style.

The lipstick felt rich and creamy to apply.  It had a lovely natural fragrance that was reminiscent of chocolate (thanks to the Shea Butter). It gave a vibrant shimmer of colour with a lush, moisturising sheen.  It tasted natural and I was 100% confident that I was not consuming anything harmful or unnatural when I licked my lips. 

I wore my lipstick out on a lunch date.  My date, a.k.a. my lovely husband, was very complimentary and he loved the golden shimmer.  I was incredibly impressed by how well the lipstick lasted on my lips.  It wasn't greasy so didn't bleed or smear.  My lips still felt lovely and moisturised by the end of  the afternoon.  I can honestly say that this is the best lipstick I have ever used.


Priced at £9.90 (with free postage and packing within the UK), this is a top quality cosmetic product.  Not only does it perform brilliantly, it also is 100% natural, cruelty free and contains raw organic plant materials and absolutely nothing nasty.  Why not treat yourself or a loved one and experience the positive difference you get from using a natural alternative to the high street brands.

So now you've got the perfect reason to give Super Smoocher a try so you too can pucker up naturally! 


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