Sunday, 6 February 2011

The New Graco Fusio

As Graco's new Ambassador, I was sent the brand new Fusio to try.  It's not yet available in the UK (it's available to pre-order for March delivery) so I felt very privileged!

The package arrives.
As my husband was available for pushchair building duties, I gave him the pleasure of putting the Fusio together.  He said:
 "It went together really easily.  The wheels just popped into place.  I was impressed that it could be disassembled if it needed to be."
Ian with his helper Kizzy checking out the instructions!
The Fusio looked great.  It came complete with a newborn liner and apron, a foot muff and a raincover.  So it is a complete package.  The seat unit has a reversible option so it would see you through from birth to the toddler stage, making it an economical option and great value for money.  It supports the idea of sustainable it is a pram and a stroller, it suits baby's needs at all it's future proof!
Stylish design
I loved the grey and black design which is perfect for either a boy or girl and looks very stylish.  The shopping basket is a really good size, which is useful for shopping.

The real selling point of the Fusio is the fact that although it has a lot of the benefits of a full travel system, it also has the convenience of a stroller.  It folds telescopically, is lightweight and easy to carry, compact and easy to store away in the boot of your car.  This makes it perfect for travelling or for shopping trips.  The Fusio has swivel wheels so you can easily negotiate the aisles of a shop or supermarket.  

Trafford Centre
Comfy to ride, easy to push
We took the Fusio to the Trafford Centre in Manchester.  It took up very little boot space...more room for shopping bags!!  It was easy to put up (after a little practice) and Fred was comfy and secure.  The handles are a good height and the Fusio steered easily around the shopping centre.  There is ample room for bags underneath and we could hang extras on the handles (it didn't tip up!)  Freddy fell asleep and the reclining seat was easily adjusted so he could have a peaceful nap.  The Fusio is much more luxurious and comfortable than other strollers I have used, so you are getting the best of both worlds.
Reclining zzzzz
We included a trip to the Legoland Discovery Centre in our day out.  It was very crowded, but the Fusio negotiated the masses well.  As it is so compact it fitted easily through the attractions of Miniland and through doorways. It folded down and parked up neatly in the buggy park when we went on the rides and into the 4D cinema.  It was certainly beneficial to be using the Fusio in such a limited space.

The Fusio folds down easily (again I had to practice but that is more a reflection on me than it!!)  It can be carried one handedly when folded down, which is a plus when juggling with a toddler and shopping bags.  It also stands up when folded which is also useful when loading everything back into the car.

Overall, we enjoyed the benefits of the Fusio in an environment where its compact size, light weight, manoeuvrability, storage space and comfort for baby were a consideration.  It's perfect for a day out shopping and Freddy was definitely happy, comfortable and secure on our big, busy trip to Manchester!
Watching the world go by.

Stopping for a bite to eat.
End of a busy day.


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