Monday, 21 February 2011

Magpie Monday...Bedroom Furniture

Me and My Shadow

I have had the good fortune of getting myself some lovely second hand furniture that has totally revamped my daughter's bedroom and made her extremely happy indeed! I didn't cost us anything (just the cost of a thank you bottle of wine). We spent a few quid to make it all work for us and so I hope it qualifies as a Magpie Monday find!!

My friend who is uber house proud has refurbished her daughter's bedroom with some ultra deluxe solid wood built-in furniture.  Consequently, the old stuff was no longer needed so she asked me if I wanted it.  Bless her, she thought I was doing her a favour taking it off her hands!

The Wrought Iron Double Bedstead is in perfect condition.  We bought Kizzy a duvet and a double duvet set from Dunelm Mill (the kids' designs in double size are obviously not best sellers and consequently were a steal at £8.99!!)  She was chuffed to bits!  Plus this has given us an extra sleeping space when the big kids come home to visit!  She feels like a princess in her room.
She also passed on a couple of lamps which look perfect, and match the rest of her furniture which is Ikea's Robin range bought from Ebay last year.  The bookcase/dresser cost us just £12 and were good as new.  Her computer chair was salvaged from my husband's workplace following a refit.
We were also given two pine sets of drawers.  They are real wood rather than MDF which is what we usually get (and live to regeret!)  The bottom drawers had been well used and needed a spot of wood glue and a couple of screws to repair them.  However, they are solid and are great for my son's nursery.

***Having them has given us an excuse to sort through Freddy's clothes meaning his little cousin Dylan (son of QWERTY Mum) will be in line for a whole load of hand me downs!  This is my favourite form of re-using and re-cycling!***
Freddy in January 2010 keeping cosy.
Now cousin Dylan is now wearing it!!


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