Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dreaming of Disneyland

I am so sick of the constant succumbing to germs that keeps occurring in our household.  One or the other of us is sniffing, sneezing or feeling generally lethargic and not quite right.  The weather can't make up its mind.  A fine morning gets our hopes up as we leave the house coatless and hopeful.  This optimism is soon quashed by a deluge of's just not right :(

My diet is just not happening.  Today for lunch I had syrup sponge and custard, followed by an individual lemon cheesecake.  It didn't make me feel good...I think I might slip into a diabetic coma if I continue this self-abuse.  But my "not quite right" body is screaming for the instant gratification of sugary goodies, before crashing again as the hit wears off.

I'm sure we are meant to hibernate.  I envy those creatures that stuff their faces with seasonal treats before snuggling up cosy and warm to avoid the wintry months in a peaceful, oblivious slumber.  They can wake up into the welcoming arms of spring....after having lost half their body weight, what a way to diet!!  Sign me up.

So to cheer myself up I'm thinking about holidays.  I even went as far as picking up some brochures.  As I've mentioned before, I'm a rubbish traveller, both physically and psychologically.  I get so stressed about everything from terrorism to missing left phalanges and then I throw up.  Not a great combo, so self-drive to France is about as exotic as my plans go!

Having a toddler who still shows no signs of weaning himself off of the Attachment Parenting lark of boobs and bed-sharing, it is quite tricky being away from home.  Sometimes if we stay in hotels we pack a sleeping bag, because 9 out of 10 times poor old Ian ends up sleeping on the floor, pushed out by the flailing limbs of an over excited little boy in unfamiliar surroundings.

Although I dream of Florida sunshine and the lure of their city sized theme parks, I think we are heading towards the Disneyland Paris route.  Freddy adores Toy Story and I'm sure he'll just about do his nut if faced with a full sized walking talking Woody or Buzz.  He spots Toy Story merchandising from 20 paces in supermarkets...he has a radar for it.  I just hope he's not too young to appreciate this potentially big adventure.  Yesterday in Build A Bear Workshop, Freddy spotted a Buzz Lightyear teddy on the top shelf.  He nearly jumped out of his buggy such was his excitement.  We bought him the Buzz outfit for his teddy and Freddy adores it.  So, to let him run free in the Toy Story Playland will be worth every penny I think!  I don't think the girls will complain about the prospect of 3 nights at the Davy Crockett Ranch...they love the Disney machine just as much as I do.

Last time we went to Disneyland Paris was July 2005, probably time to re-visit methinks.  Even though it means living on Pizza Quatre Fromages for a whole's not the best place for vegetarians, which does upset the digestive system somewhat.  Our French isn't good enough to negotiate any other menu options...I can just about ask for a Glace au Chocolat or un cafe, in my best Franglais.  Anything more sophisticated and I'm in trouble!  I'll pour over the brochure and make some notes and probably talk myself out of it like I always do, when my phobias and misgivings start to outweigh the promise of Disney Magic.  But then I'll look back at these memories and a booking might just take place!


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