Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery...24 hours...shops, food and an accident!

This week's theme for The Gallery is 24 hours.  So I recorded a day in the life of my family on a day out to Manchester on Saturday 5th February.

We arrive at the Trafford Centre after an hour's drive and head straight for the food court!

Typical behaviour!

We go to our favourite eatery Barburrito's and order our mushroom burritos.

The aftermath of lunch.

Of to the Legoland Discovery Centre.  Freddy leads the way!

Freddy meets a Lego Man.  He loved it.

Ella has an unfortunate incident involving a five foot tall Lego Buzz Light year model and smashes the back of her hand.  After only 10 minutes at the Legoland Centre we are sitting in First Aid with ice packs and a wonderfully flamboyant first aider.

Ella's hand swelled up and her fingers went black.  We decided not to run to A & E on a Saturday afternoon in Manchester.  So we waited it out to see what would happen.  She was still laughing so we figured it wasn't broken, just badly bruised.

Not good for a guitarist and pianist to have your right hand all bashed up!

We went to leave but the Trafford Centre car parks were grid locked and we were advised via tannoy to delay leaving by an hour.  We took a peak and there were stationary cars as far as the eye could see.  So we hit Starbucks.

Post Starbucks carnage.

A visit to the Disney Store saw Kizzy fall in love with a plush Belle toy.  We are soft...we bought it for her.

By now it was gone 8pm.  Freddy had fallen asleep, we were all exhausted.  The car parks were now clear so we headed home.

We got home at 10 pm.  Thank goodness the little ones could lie in on Sunday morning!


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