Thursday, 24 February 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

Here we are again...thinking of the things that have made us happy this week.  Michelle, Mummy From the Heart,  again invites us to link up and join in!

1:  Home Baked Coffee Muffins

My daughter invited her Grandparents over for dinner tonight.  She adores her Nan and Grandad and really wanted to spend some quality time with them.  She said she'd make them their favourite coffee muffins.  When it came to the crunch she went off out with her friends instead, in true teenager style, leaving me and her 8 year old sister to do the cooking!  That aside, we made some fabulous muffins from my favourite muffin cookery book.  Even though I say so myself, they were good!  Coffee Muffins are really delicious and make me very cheerful indeed!

2: The aforementioned Grandparental Visit was really nice.  The kids really love them and Freddy was chatty and entertaining them with his antics much to their delight.  Ella was playing her guitar and singing songs and Kizzy was being her usual clown-like self.  It's been ages since they spent any time at my house so it was a real treat for my children to just be themselves in their home with Nan and Grandad in the mix.

3:  My two big kids are coming home for the weekend.  I will have all five of my children together, which is simply wonderful.  They are home for my sister's Wedding Anniversary Party which is on Saturday.  The whole family will be getting together to celebrate and to sing bad karaoke.  I can't wait!  I'll have my Flip at the ready!


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