Monday, 7 February 2011

Listography...5 Things I'd Love This Valentine's


This week's Listography theme as thought up by Kate Takes 5 is "5 Things I'd love this Valentine's".  With February 14th rapidly approaching, our minds are turning to love, romance and passion.  So what five things would I really love to receive??

Ian and I don't really do the present-buying thing.  We buy things for each other throughout the year if appropriate...a prime example of this being when my romantic and thoughtful husband bought me The Human Centipede on Blu-Ray on the day of its release!  Unsolicited surprises are always the best kind.  Unsolicited surprises involving unwilling victims stitched together in an unimaginably grotesque way are even better.

However, Valentine's Day makes you feel duty-bound to spoil your loved one.  One year Ian wrote and recorded me a song called "Hey Wendy (It was Always You)" which is a fabulous rocky, love song, sang in the style of Axl Rose!  I think that would be hard to really was the most amazing present ever :)

So aside from that, what would I really LOVE!!

1:  Ian is taking the day off on Valentine's Day so we can enjoy some together-time while the kids are at school.  (Together meaning me, Ian and Freddy!)  So I want to be whisked off for a fabulous lunch somewhere a bit special (not Gregg's for a veggie pasty!)

2:  I don't really do flowers.  Something about that smelly water *shudders*.  I also don't do houseplants, because of the dirt. (I sound like one of those clean freaks....however if you saw my house you'd know that is just not the case!!)  I'm also on a diet so chocolate is a bit of a no-go area for me. Being tee-total champagne is out of the question.  Instead I would like a Valentine's Balloon Creation from Balloon Baboon.  Calorie, alcohol, smelly water and dirt free!!
Image from Balloon Baboon
3:  I would like my husband to serenade me with the aforementioned Hey Wendy song, the acoustic version.  Ian is very talented but not much of a performer.  I want to be performed to!

4:  I would like to watch a film uninterrupted by children (now that is a BIG ask!!) 

5: I'd like matching tattoos to celebrate our love!  Ian has actually designed them, we just haven't got around to getting them inked onto us.  I'd love to get them done!

Ian is so very, very demonstrative with his love and affection.  He tells me he loves me and thanks me for being his wife everyday (not even exaggerating!) So even if he totally bypassed Valentine's Day and failed to do any of the above, I'd still feel incredibly blessed to have him!! 


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