Monday, 14 February 2011

Listography...5 Favourite Films

Fresh off the back of the BAFTAs and of course Kate's 15 minutes of fame on Irish TV (get her...she'll be way too famous to talk to the likes of us soon!! hehe) our Listography challenge for this week is five favourite films.  This is such a tricky one!!  When I start thinking of movies I love, I'm reminded of other favourites until I have a list a mile long covering every genre and mood known to celluloid!  So I've reined in my prolific film loving tendencies and whittled it down to this:

Se7en I love Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.  I love the dark, atmospheric cinematography and the gritty storyline.  I love evil Kevin Spacey and his crazy killing spree.  Sadly I hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but because she ends up with her decapitated head in a box, her appearance in this film does not ruin it for me!

I saw Grease at the cinema and the projector broke, leaving a theatre full of pre-pubescent cinema goers sobbing into our popcorn because we'd been queueing around the block just to get in to see it.  It became the first film of my youth where I could recite every line.  We used to re-enact it line by line on the 2 mile walk back from school.  We knew every appearance of the geek Eugene and every dance move.  However, as a big Boomtown Rats fan, I cheered when Bob Geldof's Don't Like Mondays knocked Summer Nights off of the number one spot in the charts and he ripped up a pic of John and Liv on Top of the Pops.  Proper anarchy!!

I adore Disney films and I could easily list them all as favourites but I have a huge soft spot for Beauty and the Beast.  The brunette bookish Belle proves that you don't have to be a vacuous princess to land your man, and her dismissal of the popular hunk Gaston in favour of the hirsute beast shows real girl power!  The songs are fab and I love the kiss at the end. X

No list would be complete without Nightmare on Elm Street.  The whole franchise just lends itself perfectly to feeding my fears!  I can't sleep with my wardrobe doors open or with my feet poking out from under the duvet....lest the nightmare monster comes a calling!!  As everyone knows my baby son is named after Freddy Krueger, such is my love of this movie.  I saw it at the cinema as a teenager and we sat screaming and squirming in our seats as the knifed gloved slashed and sliced at his snoozing victims.  Proper iconic horror...brilliant!
Calamity Jane is representative of all the musicals that I love.  My dad was a big Howard Keel fan and we were brought up on the old musicals.  I love the all singing, all dancing extravaganzas.  Calamity Jane has some brilliant songs...Whip, Crack,'ve got to love it! The love story of a tom boy cowgirl who falls in love is just charming.  Old school romance, Doris Day and a cracking lot of songs.  Unbeatable!

Apologies to Saw, Dirty Dancing, ET, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Notebook, Toy Story, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Freaks, Fight Club, Terminator, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Con Air for omitting you.


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