Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tippitoes Seaborne Baby Sponge Review

Baby's skin is so precious.  When I see my baby boy ready for his bath he looks so perfect and I don't want to use anything harsh on his delicate skin.  I make sure that I use gentle, organic bath products to keep his skin clean and healthy, but I've never really considered what sponge I use.  Surely, if I go to the trouble of using pure, natural products, I shouldn't be using a synthetic sponge to wash him with?

So when I had the opportunity of trying the Tippitoes Seaborne Baby Sponge for review, I was intrigued to see whether it would be any different to use.  It is suitable for use from birth and offers luxury straight from the sea bed!

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The sponge arrived in its own container, which was a lovely detail, providing a place to store it and keep it clean between uses (once it has dried).

The sponge itself was a perfect size for baby.  It is 100% natural, extracted directly from the seabed in specially controlled extraction areas which does not harm the environment.  I must admit I did keep having the urge to sing the theme tune to Spongebob Squarepants ...but that is not a bad thing!!

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Absorbent and yellow and porous!!

Natural sea sponges are the perfect choice for bathing for these reasons:  
  • highly absorbent
  • soft texture
  • durable
  • long lasting
  • they hold water
  • self-cleaning
  • do not retain odours
  • won't peel

Tippitoes say:

"This luxurious and soft new sponge is perfect for bathing Baby; its porous texture makes it ideal for gentle cleansing, daily facial care, cleaning and exfoliating Baby's skin."

This is my experience of using the Seaborne Baby Sponge:

When dry, the sponge is quite hard, but when put in water it takes on the expected sponge-like texture and was really soft and squishy.  It was very absorbent and soaked up the bubbly bath solution perfectly, making a little product go a long way.

It felt gentle and soft on the skin and Freddy enjoyed being washed down with the foamy sponge.  It had none of the 'slimy' feeling that the synthetic sponges have.

It perfectly complemented the bath time products we use on Freddy, and I felt confident knowing that it was completely natural. 

It needs to be rinsed out after use and left to dry naturally, whereby it reverts back to its dried state.  If well looked after it is a long lasting, quality, baby bath product!  

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A cheeky bathtime wink!

Tippitoes offers affordable quality and for £7.49 this 100%  natural bath time sponge really delivers!


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