Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Five Things I want my Children to Know about Me

This week's Friday Club Parenting Carnival at Notes From Home is 'Five Things You Want Your Children to Know about You'.

Here are five things I want to tell them...

1: I was young once too.  I had a head full of dreams.  I felt deeply.  Sometimes I think you believe that I didn't exist until I became a mother.  There was a point in my youth when I wanted to be a vet (I can't imagine why now though!!) and I thought I'd live in a luxury apartment in London.  I believed that I would be a bit of a jet-setter, possibly even famous!  I would no doubt marry a rock star (John Taylor from Duran Duran was on my wish list) and I would write books.  But dreams change.
The reality was very different...but do you know what, I wouldn't change a single thing, because where I am today with my family is the only place I'd want to be.

2:  I have always been a saver and never one to squander my cash.  Consequently you have grown-up in an environment where we've never worried about our cash flow. We are comfortably off now because I was frugal and made sure we never got into debt. Sometimes I think this may not have opened your eyes to the reality of budgeting.  Just remember, Dad and I have worked long and hard to be in this position.  Don't take it for granted because one day you'll need to budget for yourself...we lived on 3p beans once to get by!  Just don't take money and material possessions for granted.

3: If I'm ever down, don't take it personally.  I have suffered off and on with depression all my life.  Although these days I have it mostly under control, sometimes the dark cloud threatens to descend.  I become withdrawn.  I hate myself for my lack of control, which serves to make me feel even worse.  I know you really hate it if I'm sad. You worry that it is in some way about you. It's are my world.  I just need to work through my emotions sometimes.

4:  I have always adopted a very open and honest approach with you.  I let you understand my fallibility and let you know the mistakes I've made.  I want you to learn from my failings, I want you to understand my empathy, I want you to know I'll never judge you.  Our relationship has an openness that I am proud of.  No subject is off topic and I will always do my best to offer help, advice and sympathy (cake and cuddles).  You can always turn to me.  Whatever it is that is happening to you, you can guarantee I've been there and done that!

5:  I count myself to be incredibly blessed everyday.  Being your mum defines me and delights me.  Everyday you make me smile.  Everyday you make me proud.  Thank you xxx

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