Monday, 28 February 2011

Something to Smile About :)

Although today has been a sad and reflective day, I thought it was only right to end it with something life affirming and positive.  On Saturday we went to my sister's first anniversary party to celebrate with her and her family.  We sang bad karaoke and I did some terrible dancing with my two left feet.  My lack of spatial awareness and my inability to distinguish between left and right really doesn't help me with taking direction in how to ballroom foxtrots, tangos and waltzes all look like the dance of a demented tin soldier when I do them.  I am not a dancer.

However, great food, wonderful company and a fun atmosphere resulted in an enjoyable few hours.  The best thing about the party though was the fun that my little boy had.  From running around with helium balloons, to chasing the disco lights to wearing a matching shirt to his daddy, Freddy just made my heart melt with his antics.  He is suddenly a little boy. His surfer dude hair and his more refined features have given him a more grown-up look.  My little baby is turning into a gorgeous little lad.  He finds such pleasure in the world around him and is a little ray of sunshine in my life.

With everything that has happened this week, I am reminded to enjoy every moment.  However busy I am, whenever I find myself wishing the days away...I will always stop, smile and count my blessings.  I am so lucky to have wonderful children and I adore my husband.  I will make sure my kids know how much I love them every single day, I'll never leave an argument unresolved and I'll make sure I remind myself just how fortunate I am whenever I'm in danger of letting myself slip into any self-destructive mood.

I'll leave you with some pictures and a little video that I hope will make you smile :)


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