Monday, 21 February 2011

Listography...Perfect Day


This week's Listography theme has been born from the desperation that we can all relate to, when illness renders the whole household into agoraphobic zombies caught in a time loop repeating a miserable cycle of aches, pains, puke and seething resentment.  Inflicted with this scenario, Kate daydreamed what would constitute the perfect day, ergo we have this week's theme!

1: Perfect days always begin in a relaxed way.  No alarm clock.  No high pressured school runs with me nagging the girls to hurry up whilst trying to convince a toddler to eat his toast. No negotiation of the morning traffic.  I want to gently rise from my peaceful slumber looking serene to be met by a tender Sleeping Beauty style kiss from my Prince Charming husband.
2:  The weather must be perfect.  I want sunlight streaming into my window and a gentle warmth in the air.  Waking up to a dull, grey world always puts a damper on things.  A blue sky can really change your perspective of things...roll on Springtime!

3: I am actually quite easily pleased...a cheap date if you like!  Nothing pleases me more than a nice brunch in a coffee shop.  I love their comfy sofas, their smell, their pretentious luxury!   My head says, "You could a buy a whole jar of coffee for the price of one Grande Latte!"  But the heart says, "Hazelnut Macchiato...ooh look at me, I'm so cosmopolitan!!"  It makes me feel like I've made it!  I'm a grown up in a coffee shop!
4: I love going for family days out.  Nothing pleases me more than seeing my little ones taking delight in whatever we are doing.  From feeding the ducks and geese at the local lake to hitting the rollercoasters at Alton Towers...we know how to have fun!  I love giving Freddy new experiences.  Last week we took him to the Sealife Centre and he loved running around and looking at the fish with his sisters.  Me and Ian walk hand in hand watching his antics with smug pride!!  For my perfect day, my two eldest would be home to come with us...and all seven of us (plus their other halves) would have fun together.  Last time we were all out together we went on a woodland walk which was wonderful!

5: Karaoke!  After discovering my old karaoke videos from my sister's wedding, I have felt the old urge to air off our karaoke machine and exercise the lungs with Ian and the kids.  We actually did it last night and we had such fun!  We karaoked our way through the Rocky Horror Picture Show before hitting the duets.  We laughed so hard....mainly due to the lack of singing skills of me and Ian as we tried in vain to hit the high notes in Endless Love followed by an attempt to re-enact the iconic lift scene from Dirty Dancing!  One absolute joy was discovering that Freddy has a penchant for performing!  So to end the perfect day we'd crack out the karaoke and sing our hearts out!


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