Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Inside the Wendy House

My wonderful husband started my Valentine's Day in a manner befitting our marriage with his hand made Zombie card....the inscription was "Even if I was a Zombie I'd still give you my heart!"  True romance or what!!!

A trip into town after the school run was a lovely start to the day.  I had a balanced breakfast...chocolate muffin and a chocolate stick with my mocha....perfectly balanced.  Well it is Valentine's Day after all!

Freddy got in on the act too!
Even on a day off, conference calls rear their ugly head.  Is is wrong that I found my 'obviously-so- incredibly-important-that-work-can't-leave-him-alone' husband's Blackberrying a little bit sexy today?

I bought Ian a little pressie from Asda! Twit-twoo and half price too!!

I really do adore my man...I feel very blessed to still feel this way after 18 years together as a couple.  There's been ups and downs but they've all been part of our journey to here and now...and this is a really good place to be!!


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