Friday, 18 February 2011

Flashback Friday...Sisterly Love x

Cafe Bebe has given us all a chance to check back over our photo archives and share a picture from the past.  I love this idea.  There is something about old photographs that is so wonderful.  Not only do they capture a moment in time from our past, they have also had to physically survive the test of time unlike modern digital photography.  Their frailty makes them all the more precious.  We are lucky enough to have quite a few old photos that my Nan had kept over the years.  When she died we salvaged her pictures and scanned them all onto our PC's to preserve them for a whole new generation to enjoy.

This photo is over 40 years old.  It shows myself (the little one) with my big sister Paula a.k.a.QWERTY Mum.  Who would have thought that all these years later we'd be blogging sisters and I'd be posting our baby pics online!!

I love this photo.  We have always been close and I love my sister's face as she hugs me in this picture.  So cute and loving :)

This next photo was taken a few years later and is a rare shot of my family together.  I am the little show off in the red hat and my big sister has her protective hands around my shoulders. Looking at these old photos you can see the relationship between me and Paula.  She was my idol, my protector and my friend.  She still is...I love you Paula xxx


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