Saturday 19 February 2011

Fill in the Blanks

I just saw this on Searching for Serendipity's Blog (a lovely blog discovered via Maxabella's Bloghop).  I thought it made a really thought provoking subject for a post.  The sentences are started for you, you just need to fill in the blanks to reveal something about yourself and who you are and what defines you.  So here is my version of the "Fill in the Blanks" post!

I am...a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an auntie, a social media addict, an over eater, a yo-yo dieter, a vegetarian, a cake lover, a terrible dancer, a horror film fan, a tall woman who is unable to behave herself in public!

Mother x
The bravest thing I've ever done...was to confront a group of drunken chavs at V Festival who were messing around and threw a full can of beer which missed my husband's head by a whisker.  I am usually really placid but if one of my loved ones is threatened I actually become a lioness.  I had to be held back!  They actually ended up apologising! Was it brave or stupid??

I feel prettiest children tell me I look nice.  Their opinion of me defines me.  I also know if they say I look stupid...I need to get changed!  Ian always tells me I'm gorgeous...I don't believe him because he says it even when I have greasy hair and am wearing my oversize jammies.  Bless him though for the thought!

Something that keeps me awake at night attachment parenting!  Freddy is 18 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night.  He breastfeeds several times and occasionally climbs on my head at 3am.  I know he will grow out of this...I am very patient...but very tired!

My favourite meal is...our vegetarian Quorn Enchiladas served with refried beans and sour cream!  The delicious quorn pieces, spicy tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, pinto beans and onions wrapped in tortillas, covered in a creamy salsa and topped with grated Mexicana cheese is just so delicious.  It is our special dinner that has evolved over the years with different carnations.  We think we have perfected it!

The way to my heart is...To laugh with me.  To be honest. To put the children above all else.  To make a wicked cheese and marmite on toast for my supper if I'm peckish!

I would like to be...a really positive role model to my children so that they become the best that they can be, happy, confident and fulfilled in their lives!  Then I'll know I've done a good job!  (Failing that  I'll settle for being a bazillionaire with Ashley Banjo as my recreational toyboy!!)

I'm tagging Qwerty Mum, SAHMLovingIt, New Mum Online, Bloggomy, Metal Mummy and Just Simply Ella .  I hope you'll join in with my meme that came all the way from Canada!!


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