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Football Crazy with Topps

Topps Match Attax and Premier League Official Album

It was about 17 years ago that I first became familiar with football sticker albums.  My son Joe who was (and still is) a huge Arsenal fan became completely obsessed with the packs of Merlin stickers.  He'd love finding the appropriate place in the album to put his latest purchases and would be super excited if he unearthed a Gunner or two.  Living down south, we attended the Merlin Swap Shop event at Legoland to get the few remaining stickers he needed to complete his album and we even queued up to meet some rather nice Premier League footballers and got them to autograph themselves in sticker form.
These days, things have changed.  Topps Football is the new name on the lips of every football loving schoolkid.  Topps are the people behind Match  Attax, the only official Premier League football card trading game.  An estimated 1.5 million loyal fans buy 144,000 cards per day, such is the popularity of this phenomena!  To put their appeal into context...27 packs are sold to every Mrs Bar worldwide!

My daughter's Junior School saw a huge proportion of the children, both girls and boys trading their cards at break times. Pencil cases were stuffed with cards that the children used to sneakily play with during lessons...I should know because I was the teaching assistant assigned with the job of ensuring that Match Attax swapsies took place in the playground and not during maths lessons!
As well as being fun to swap, the cards have Defence and Attack Stats which allows collectors to battle with each other on the pitch in  a game of strategy and skill that is suitable for all the family, for football fanatics and card game fans alike.  Collecting cards to strengthen your starting XI builds the excitement.
Ready to battle!
Priced from 50p for a packet of six cards, Match Attax are affordable collectables.  £4.99 will buy the Starter Set which includes a collection binder, a pitch, a limited edition card and 25 standard cards.  This allows competitive gaming from the moment the pack is opened.  The deluxe Collectors Tin would make a great present for a fan.  60 cards and a limited edition card are inside the decorated tin which costs £10 from Argos, The Entertainer and Toys 'R' Us.  It is perfect for players on the go, giving a place to store your top team as well as your all important swapsies!

An exciting addition to this season's Match Attax cards is the possibility of finding one of 101 specially signed Rio Ferdinand cards.  If you find one you can get to meet the man himself at a special Match Attax event!

The Topps 2011 Premier League Official Album is also available with some amazing never before seen additions, making it the most exciting one yet!  This year for the first time ever the sticker album comes in stunning 3D!  Players jump off the page!  Each £1.99 album includes a free pair of 3D glasses so you can enjoy this special effect.
In addition to this, the album includes fun facts, statistics and club information perfect for footie fans providing a comprehensive guide to the Barclays Premier League Season.  Also new for this year is a nostalgic look back at past footballing heroes.  A special legend from each team completes the page.  I hope we find Arsenal's gorgeous Thierry Henry (you know, the one with Va Va Voom!)

Each pack of six stickers costs 50p and there are 450 to collect.  Swap and Play events are taking place across the country over Easter so those doubles can be exchanged to complete your album.  An online swapping service is also available.  As a mum who has been through collecting football stickers, these services are invaluable!

Kizzy (and her camera shy brother!) thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Match Attax cards.  They are well made and sturdy.  The Collector's Album is really well designed, packed with information and fun facts about every team.  The 3D aspect is a really nice touch.  The special 3D stickers and the 3D sections of the album are eye-popping!  It certainly adds an extra dimension to the collection.  Overall, these products are great and  the children really do love them.  It's nice to see Topps keeping up to date with the new generation by adding some new, exciting developments.  Price wise, the products are affordable, however as with any collectable there is a temptation to overspend if you have a demanding child (like my son was back in the day!)  So, do consider that and take advantage of exchanges, swapsies and Swap Events to make use of the doubles!

Check out for more information on Topps Football and for the rules for playing Match Attax.

*Topps Football provided me with Match Attax cards and pitch and a Premier League album and stickers for the purpose of this review*

Showing Fred her dream team!


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