Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Writing Workshop...I was, I am, I will be.

I've seen Sleep is for the Weak's Writing Workshop but never had the courage to participate.  This week's prompt however, resonated with me and I felt I owed it to myself to have a go.  The following piece is written in honour of my eldest son whose birth was a turning point in my life twenty two years ago.

I was, I am, I will be.

I was lost.
Stumbling through my life.
Unaware, unknowing.
I was broken.
On a path to self destruction.
Until you saved me.

I am your mother.
You came into my life when I needed to care.
Caring for you means caring for me.
I am safe.
On a path to our future.
You are my salvation.

I will be more.
Stronger, wiser.
You make me so much better.
Embracing our tomorrows.
I will grow with you.
On this path together.
Because you saved me.


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