Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cleaning up with the GTech Power Sweeper

One fact about me...I am not the best housewife in the world.  My friend bought me a fridge magnet that said "Dull women have immaculate houses!"  I take comfort in that and by that reasoning think I must be a really interesting woman!

Clutter is one thing...I can cope with lived in mess, it's a sign of a healthy, happy household.  However, cleanliness is something which is extremely important, especially with an inquisitive toddler in the house.  So I don't shirk my responsibilities as a housewife when it comes to dirty floors.

I hate lugging around our oversized vaccuum cleaner from the cupboard upstairs and instead usually end up on my hands and knees with a dustpan and brush sweeping up the carnage that our family leaves in his wake.  This is not the best method of cleaning up (for my knees as well as from a hygienic point of view!)  But we do generate a lot of mess.  From Freddy's lunch which is scattered liberally on the laminate, to Kizzy's arts and crafts debris on her bedroom carpet, to kitchen spills on the ceramic floor tiles.

I was delighted when GTech offered me the chance to receive one of their rechargeable floor sweepers for review.  The rechargeable, lightweight and portable SW18 Power Sweeper is suitable for all floor types and can be used to remove pet hairs.  It also has the benefit of being protected by Germ Guard.  This is a silver ion antibacterial additive blended into the plastic.  It is over 99% effective against bacteria including MRSA, Listeria, E-Coli and Salmnonella.  This is something which impressed me greatly having children in the house.

The Gtech Power Sweeper was easy to put together and looked modern and stylish.  (Very far removed from the old style, unreliable push along carpet sweepers my mum used to use!) It had to be charged for 16 hours before use so we plugged it in overnight, so it would be ready to test!

Product Information

  • The Power Sweeper has a fully adjustable telescopic handle which I found plenty high enough for myself at 5' 11". 
  • The head of the sweeper is attached to a dynamic steering joint which gives good mobility for ease of use. 
  • The low profile and long reach allows for easy under furniture cleaning.
  • It has an easy to empty 0.5l bin.
  • Removable handle and visor for effective stair cleaning.
  • Patented edge cleaning wheel.
Once it was fully charged I put the Gtech SW18 Germguard Power Sweeper to the test.  It was easy to find jobs for it.  After preparing their toast in the kitchen, the older girls leave a lot of crumbs on the tiles.  The Power Sweeper cleared up the debris right to the edge of the kitchen cupboards.  It was very easy to manoeuvre and was very effective.
I tried the Power Sweeper on the laminate floors in the hallway and the living room.  Again it was effective and fitted into awkward places really well.  It worked well on the carpet in Freddy's playroom, removing all the dust and crumbs! The removable bin stores the dust and debris inside, there is no bag needed.  It slides out easily and can be emptied directly into the dustbin.  
The reassurance of knowing it is protected by Germguard is a definite plus.  This is a feature exclusive to Gtech.  

Overall, I loved having the sweeper on hand, charged up and ready to spring into action whenever a mess appeared.  It is so lightweight and easy to use.  The fact that it is cordless made it so convenient to use in any room.  It was manoeuvrable and very effective in picking up the dust and debris that is generated on a daily basis Inside the Wendy House!

The Power Sweeper does make a bit of noise, but nowhere near as much as a vacuum cleaner.  My little boy who is quite wary of our hoover was not upset by the noise at all. The charge lasts for 30 minutes of usage and then the sweeper needs recharging for 12 hours. I've used the sweeper on and off for two days to clear up messes as soon as they happen, and it's still going strong.  The visor and handle can be removed to make a handheld sweeper for stair cleaning, which is a real plus, but I haven't tried that feature as yet.  

Here is a demo video of the Gtech Power Sweeper taking on the remnants of Fred's cheese pasty!
Pretty impressive!  And just for a bit of fun, here's my my children 'helping' with the housework. It does show how light and easy to use the sweeper is!

The Gtech SW18 Germguard Power Sweeper retails at £44.95 on the Gtech website.  It is a perfect helping hand for a busy parent.  I would also recommend it to students like my daughter who has a room at university.  It would be very useful for keeping her room clean!  

It gets a definite thumbs up from Inside the Wendy House


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