Friday, 25 February 2011

Flashback Friday...Mummy the First Time

Karin from Cafe Bebe is asking us to delve into our archives again and relive a memory and share the story behind it.  This week I've gone for a photo from 1989, a few months after my first born son came into the world.  I was nineteen years old, fantastically thin and a new mummy to my gorgeous chubby baby Joe.
Motherhood was the thing that saved me.  It put me on the path to here and now.  This photo celebrates mine and Joe's bond. (It also demonstrates my late '80's dress sense!!)  It might be 22 years later, but it feels like yesterday.  I'm so blessed and so glad to be doing it all again now with my last-born son Freddy in my 40's (and thankfully I wear clothes that cover my midriff nowadays!)


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