Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Oxo Good Grips Grinders and Shakers

I've reviewed baby and toddler products from the Oxo Brand before (Oxo Tots for Bath Time, Snacking and Feeding) and have been impressed by their quality, innovation, stylish design and functionality.  So I was very excited to test out something from their kitchen range to see if I would be equally impressed.

I chose the Oxo Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinders to try.  My husband is a big fan of ground pepper, but other mills we have had in the past have been messy, ineffective and inconsistent. I had high hopes that Oxo would give me a better experience!

With its brushed stainless steel accents and clear acrylic body, each Grinder looks very contemporary,  sleek and stylish. They are functional in the kitchen but still look elegant when brought to the table.  The soft, non-slip grip makes them very comfortable to use and secure to hold.  They feel good in your hand with their ergonomically designed shape.

They are sold ready filled with peppercorns or rock salt which I thought was a nice touch, transforming them into a great gift idea.  The Grinders are adjustable by turning the top where there are settings from coarse to fine grind, depending on your requirements. A plentiful flow of finely ground or coarsely ground salt or pepper is produced according to the setting.  I prefer finer pepper, Ian likes his much coarser and so this suited us both equally!

The non-corrosive, ceramic grinder won't absorb flavours or odours, and is positioned on the top of the Grinder so it won't make a mess when put it down. No more salt and pepper spills on the table.  The Grinder sits flat on its base and you simply turn it to grind your salt and pepper onto food.  It is a simple idea, but makes much more sense!  It makes it really easy to refill too.  These are really faultlessly designed.  Easy to use, effective and they do exactly what you want them to do!

I think these would make a really nice gift...practical yet stylish.  They will season Christmas Dinner to perfection!! 

They are available from Amazon, Lakeland and other good stockists RRP £20.43 each. 


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