Friday, 14 October 2011

Chocolate Isn't Just For Eating!

This week is Chocolate Week (as well as Curry Week apparently, who'd've thought it!!)

To pay homage to the delicious delights of the cocoa bean, Montagne Jeunnesse sent me a gorgeous Hot Chocolate face masque to try out.

I am already a big fan of their products.  I love the company ethics with everything being animal friendly, all natural, green and vegetarian.  I love the fact that the luxurious products come at pocket change prices so even in this economic recession we can all afford a little pampering from time to time.  And I love the crazy packaging that makes me want to put a fruit salad on my face. (The models make it look like such fun!!)

A calorie free treat for chocoholics, this smells divine. Seriously good enough to eat (but don't try it, you'll be disappointed, trust me!)  Rich dark chocolate and orange oil are combined with deep cleansing, hydrating  Mediterranean Mud.  It is self-warming and it feels so good to relax with this doing its thing on your skin.   The self-warming action works like a facial sauna opening the pores to remove dirt, oil and toxins. Rinsing off is always a messy affair, so I  jump in the shower.  Afterwards skin feels soft, clean and refreshed.   

For just £1.09 you can transport yourself to guilt-free chocolate heaven, enjoy some quality me-time, give your skin a boost and feel thoroughly pampered! 

Why don't you celebrate chocolate week with Montagne Jeunesse!  Good for your skin, the planet and your pocket.  See the full range and find out more at 

**I always pop a few sachets in my older kids' Christmas stockings so we can have a Boxing Day pamper's a bit of a fun family tradition!  Now I've discovered the Men's Range, my eldest son and husband will be joining in this Christmas too!**


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