Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Babyblooms Bouquets

The arrival of a new baby often heralds the arrival of many bouquets of flowers from well wishers.  Lovely though they are, perhaps a more practical alternative for a new mum would be a beautiful baby clothes bouquet from Babyblooms.  Just as pretty as a bunch of flowers, the  Babyblooms bouquets have a truly unique and unusual twist.

The buds are made from hand rolled  items of baby clothing such as bibs, socks, bodysuits and hats.  These are then hand tied with delicate silk flowers and foliage to create a beautiful and practical gift, that will last long after real flowers have wilted!

The clothing is suitable for babies 0-4 months old and is available in pink, blue or natural.  The specially designed  baby garments are made of 100% supersoft or organic cotton and embroidered with the Babyblooms logo.  They are machine washable.  However if you can't bear to dismantle the bouquet to actually use the baby clothes, you can keep forever it as a lasting keepsake.

The Babyblooms Bouquet arrives in a stylish presentation box along with a personalised gift card.  The box fits securely into the delivery box and can be lifted out easily with the enclosed ribbon. The stunning bouquet will not fail to impress! Details of what items have been used are included on the box.

Sturdy Packaging
Details of your Babyblooms Bouquet contents on the inner box.
I received a gorgeous Natural Cream Bouquet from Babyblooms.  I was very impressed with the packaging and the care that had gone into shipping the item.  The cream coloured arrangement consists of pretty and delicate silk roses and freesias, silk and velvet foliage and the organic cotton baby clothes buds.  I personally could not believe how much is incorporated into the display.   Four pairs of socks, a sleepsuit, a bodysuit, a hat and a bib are all included in the bouquet!  It is beautifully presented and looks stunning.  It will make a lovely display to put in a baby's nursery...unless you want to unroll the clothes to use.  Decisions, decisions!

The bouquets would be a perfect gift for new mums,  for baby showers or christenings.  They start at just £3.95 for a single flower bud made from a pair of socks.  You can buy a multi-coloured bunch to pop in a vase.  The bouquet I received is priced at £55, which for the organic baby clothes alone is a reasonable price, before you even consider the workmanship involved and the gorgeous display it gives you.

I love the Babyblooms Bouquets and know how delighted I would have been to receive one after Fred was born.  Babyblooms do other amazing baby clothes gifts such as baby cupcakes and ice cream cones.  They also provide Gift Baskets that include the baby clothes gifts alongside cuddly toys and treats for mum and baby.  They sell a host of other presents for mums, dads, grandparents, pre-schoolers and children.

If you are looking for a unique gift for an expectant or new mum then take a look at the Babyblooms website.  You can also like their Babyblooms Facebook page to keep up to date on news and competitions.                                                            


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