Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Littlest Angel

Every Christmas, DVDs feature quite prominently in the present pile under our tree.  The children love watching films, snuggled under their slankets munching on festive treats after Christmas dinner.  It's a bit of a family tradition!  I'm always on the look out for new releases at this time of year, especially films suitable for all the family.

The Littlest Angel is a brand new heart warming festive film that will delight both the kids and grown-ups.  It is based on the novel by Charles Tazewell. first published in 1946.  It is a real classic that has been updated for a modern audience.

It tells the story of Littlest, who is a curious and playful angel with a dented halo who struggles to stay on the straight and narrow.  He misses Earth and all the fun he had and struggles to be angelic.  Instead of doing his Good Deeds classes and growing his wings, he prefers to chase butterflies and swing on the Pearly Gates, upsetting the other inhabitants of Celestial City.  He finds a talking dog called Halo and together they embark on a forbidden adventure to find the beloved treasure box from his mortal life on Earth.

On their journey they come across dangers such as the creepy owners of a Travelling Show who want to turn him into an exhibit and steal his treasure box.  He learns some lessons along the way and is eventually rescued by his heavenly friends and returns to Heaven in time for Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus where he discovers the true meaning of giving and earns his wings.

The animation is quite simple but lovely.  The characters are really cute and the humour is gentle. The story has a strong moral message and is very poignant.  It is a lovely festive tale. The children enjoyed watching this film.  Freddy was riveted by the action scenes and the funny bits!  The girls loved the happy ending and laughed at the spattering of jokes peppered throughout the story.  I have to say I had a tear in my eye at the end!  It is a real feel good festive family film!

The DVD is available to buy RRP £12.99.


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