Friday, 28 October 2011

A Home for my HexBugs!

One of the most innovative toys on the market has to be the Hexbug!  Little micro robotic creatures that move around in a haphazard fashion on their vibrating rubbery legs, look so much like cockroaches scurrying around it is quite intriguing!
You can have one Nano Hexbug running free or you can collect a whole swarm of the different coloured bugs.  You can even give them their own habitat. The options are endless!

We were sent some Hexbug samples to try out following our Hexbug Bedbugs Sleepover at London Zoo.   The bugs, who arrived in their individual test tube style cases, combine science, nature, gadgetry and fun.  Colourful, appealing and entertaining, they include a replaceable battery and are ready to explore!  Each HexBug contains a code so you can register and play online.

We were delighted when we were offered a home for our Hexbugs by who sent us a Hex Bug Spiral Starter Set to review.  It's a great Christmas present idea for older children.  Adults are equally enthralled by the bugs!  They would make a good executive toy, my husband would love one of these sat on his desk at work!!
The perfect habitat for the cyber creepy crawlies to scurry about in, the series of spiral ramps and gates provides a very entertaining addition to your Hexbug Collection.  The set comes ready to build, with the bits fitting together easily.  One Hexbug Nano is included so you can play straight away.  It's fun with one, but chaos as you add more Hexbugs!

I really like the habitat.  Letting Hexbugs loose on the laminate invariably ends up with a few escaping under the sofa or the fridge who then need to be retrieved (or they will continue to crawl around until the batteries run out!!)  Containing them inside a purpose built habitat maximizes the fun as you watch them flip, scurry and negotiate obstacles in their random fashion.  You can add to the starter set and expand the Hexbug Habitat.  You could have a whole Nano Nation at your command!

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The Hexbug Spiral Starter Set costs £20.99 which includes one Hexbug Nano.  


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