Monday, 10 October 2011

My Moment of Fame in The Sun

Today was the day when my photos appeared in a national newspaper!  I had done the photoshoot in London a couple of weeks ago and had been simultaneously looking forward to / dreading the article on my weight loss appearing in The Sun.  You always wonder who might end up seeing it...ex-boyfriends for example. *shudders* But as soon as I saw the article I stopped worrying about those things.

I am really proud to be helping Sandra with promoting her product.  The Thinking Slimmer Slimpod has definitely changed my attitude towards eating.  Unlike other times when I have religiously and obsessively dieted, the Slimpod allows me to take days off  to enjoy special meals without slipping down the slope to gluttony and impending failure.  My appetite is more controlled and my old tendency to craving foods has disappeared.  My mind has definitely been retuned.  It makes it so much easier to eat well and not obsess about food 24/7.

I hope the article helps other people who have had a similar bad relationship to food to seek new methods to solving their problems.  So many people are resorting to extreme methods of weight loss such as diet pills or even gastric band surgery.  Everyone with a weight problem or an issue with food should at least try the Slimpod first.  There really is nothing to lose (except weight!!).  It's non-evasive, safe and so very easy.  It has helped me battle my demons. You have to want it and work with it...but you do it willingly without feeling deprived or miserable. My weight gain over the years has been completely self-inflicted...turning that on its head has resulted in sustained weight loss and increased confidence.

I am enjoying being a size 12 again!

If you want to read the whole article this is the link.


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