Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Trollied...Check It Out!!!

Trollied is the Sky 1 original British sitcom that has taken everyone by storm!  Produced by the people who brought us The Office, Trollied is set in the fictional supermarket Valco. Starring Jane Horrocks and Mark Addy, it focuses on the day to day goings on of a supermarket.  We can all recognize the bored checkout assistants, the ineffectual managers and the bizarre customers that make Trollied something we can all relate to.  I think that is the key to its success...this is a comedic viewpoint of an everyday environment!

The interactions between deputy manager Julie and Gavin the store manager she is trying (and failing) to impress (both professionally and romantically) give rise to plenty of funny moments.  Throw into the mix the butchery double-act, the shelf stackers, the check out girl Katie who dreams of travel and Margaret the new senior employee on the staff and you have plenty of opportunities for gags.  Scripted and directed by the people behind Shameless, you can expect adult humour and strong language.

The eight episodes of series one have proved so popular that a second and third series and a Christmas special have been commissioned!  Trollied is a real sit com success story!

Jane Horrock's is great in her role as Julie.  Her people skills are cringeworthy!  Margaret (played by Corrie's Rita May) is very entertaining as the new starter, a recruit of Valco's older person employment scheme.  She quickly releases she is not cut out to work the tills.  The Delicatessen however opens up a whole new world for her!  You really do recognise traits of people you know in the characters, I think that is why it has proved so popular.

Trollied is now out to buy on DVD.  The 2 disc set contains all 8 episodes of the series and a trolley load of extras including:

  • Why I Hate Shopping The cast and crew say what they hate about shopping!
  • Video Diaries by Nick Blood and Joel Fry
  • Behind the scenes creating and designing the Valco world
  • Out-takes which will have you rolling in the aisles
  • And much more ....
RRP £19.99  182 mins with 62 mins of extras.


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