Friday, 14 October 2011

Wow! It's Robin's Medical Rescue!

It's no secret that I love Wow Toys!!  I love the friendly characterization of the vehicles.  I love the fact that batteries are not required.  I love the way they are perfect for little hands to play with. And I love how robust and tough they are when being 'loved' by a toddler!

I received Robin's Medical Rescue for Freddy to try out from Wow and instantly he fell in love with it telling me to open the box as soon as I showed it to him.  The ambulance is lovely and equipped with lots of bits and bobs for taking care of patients including a stretcher, a wheelchair and an x-ray machine.

There are three figures included, Nina the paramedic, a "grandma" (as Fred called it) and a chap with a broken leg. 

They are easy to pop in and out of the stretcher, wheelchair and driving seat of the ambulance.  Freddy let them all have a turn at "going to sleep" in the stretcher...even Paramedics need a rest sometimes!

The ambulance has a sliding door and the back drops down to make a ramp. A magic button drops the ramp and another button releases the wheelchair.  The top is open allowing little hands to play with the contents.  

The ambulance pushes along with a very satisfying friction powered motorised action and with realistic engine sounds.  Everything fits into the back of the ambulance keeping all the contents together when not in play.

Freddy loves his Wow toys and has learned to say "ambulance"!  He is at the stage where he engages in role play, making the figures interact and snore when they are in the stretcher! He enjoys exploring the magic buttons and using the push down x-ray machine.  The wheelchair also gets zoomed around like a little car adding to Fred's play experience!

All in all, it is another great toy for children aged 18 months to 5 years old.  It can be purchased for £25.48 from Amazon.  It will definitely delight any pre-schooler.


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