Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Introducing Mu Cheese!

Mu Cheese is a brand new cheese that has launched in Tesco stores nationwide.  Whether you are a fan of Mu-ssaka, Mu-caroni Cheese. Mu-gherita Pizza or a Plough-Mu's Lunch, this new fun and tasty cheese will leave you asking for more! 

Available in blocks or as handy sliced or grated packs, Mu cheese is sourced from the UK and Ireland and is made from the milk of well fed cows. The Mu Cheese is available as Mild, Medium and Mature Cheddar or Mild, Medium and Mature Lighter Cheese which have 30% less fat!

All varieties are perfect for cheese loving families, are convenient and good value for money.  

We were sent some Mature Mu to sample.  I was impressed with the delicious, rich flavour and texture.  The low fat version was very good and it didn't feel any less indulgent.  My children favour the stronger flavour of Cheddar and Mu did not disappoint!  We all enjoyed eating Mu as a jacket spud filling, grated on Fajitas and melted in a toastie. It was good all ways!

The eye catching packaging design is fabulous and fun!  You will definitely spot Mu down the cheese aisle at Tesco, so why not give it a try!  

The Mu range is priced from £2.49.


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