Saturday, 29 October 2011

Octonauts Puzzle from Ravensburger

Here is another Ravensburger Puzzle that will delight the older pre-school fans of the CBeebies show The Octonauts.  Featuring three scenes, the graded puzzles have 25, 36 and 49 pieces respectively.  Your child can progress, tackling more difficult puzzles as their skills develop.

Doing puzzles aids children's concentration and patience, developing observational skills.  Communication skills can grow as children discuss the pictures.  Having scenes from The Octonauts will really help fire up their imagination.  

Made to the high quality standards of Ravensburger, the steel cut pieces are printed onto sturdy recycled  card.  The pictures are colourful and bright starring all the characters from the show that children love.  The linen finish stops glare and the pieces interlock with a perfect fit.

Check out for other fabulous puzzles for all ages and abilities.


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