Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mumentum Update for October

I'm still thinking myself slim with my Slimpods!  I still marvel at the power of the 10 minute MP3 to quell my compulsion to eat all day long and stop me from yoyo-ing my weight like Renee Zellweger between Bridget Jones films.  I'll be forever grateful for accepting the offer to trial Thinking Slimmer, I'm not trying to be dramatic but it has turned my life around.  My size 12's are feeling more comfortable and I feel like I'm in control of the choices I make.

I have another photoshoot for a health and fitness magazine coming up, following on from the Sun article, which will be exciting!  This one is with Ian and it will be the first time we've had a professional photograph taken together.  We didn't even get professional pics taken when we got married.  So this will be fabulous for us!

I also started a trial of the Mutu System last week, to try and sort out my weak stomach muscles following pregnancy number 5.  I started with great vigour, taking my before shots, measuring myself and setting goals.  I printed out my How To guide and began the first phase of daily core exercises.  The gentle exercises included a "pelvic scoop".  Sadly for spine did not take too kindly to being moved in this way and I put my back out! #fail

I contacted Wendy, the creator of the Mutu System, who chatted to me about the spinal injury my body has learned to live with over the years, since giving birth to Ella back in 1996!  My body has compensated for the weakness so I am generally pain free...until I roll my lower spine.  That is why pilates and yoga have never agreed with me.  All that pelvic tilting really upsets my back causing pain, stiffness and nerve pain down my leg.  And that was the result of me just doing the breathing exercises in phase one!  But Wendy was brilliant and helped me to work out a way of working around my problem whilst continuing with the Mutu System.  I think my stomach muscles feel better already just by contracting them and holding them tighter in everyday situations.  I will get a flat tummy yet!

I also decided to part company with all the size 16 and 18 clothes which are languishing in my wardrobe...I definitely won't be needing them again. I finally have the confidence to accept that.  I can't believe how huge they look.  It wasn't that long ago that these were my favourite pair of jeans!  It is nice to have something to gauge my weightloss was very motivating!


I want to shift another stone and tone up my tummy, thighs and my arms...that is my goal for Christmas!

Check out and for full details of these products.


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