Thursday, 27 October 2011

Disney Universe on the PS3

Disney Universe is a fun packed 1-4 player action adventure video game, where Disney worlds and characters mix it up for the first time!  Mischief and Mayhem reigns, as players suit up in one of over 40 iconic character costumes.  Play as Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Nemo, Stitch, Tron or Mickey Mouse...or as my favourite Goofy!

You face challenges in six legendary Disney worlds based on the most popular Disney and Pixar movies including The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc and Wall-E.  You can team-up with friends to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and collect gold coins.  Or you can compete against each other if you are the more competitive type!

Available for PS3, XBox 360 and Wii for kids aged 7 and over, this is a great family game from Disney Interactive Studios.
Exciting Worlds

Gorgeous Artwork
We've been testing Disney Universe prior to its release on October 28th.   The children loved being able to change the characters outfits.  It reminded us a lot of Little Big Planet which is a favourite co-op game in our family.  The levels are big enough to be a challenge, but not too large that the kids get frustrated.  The problems that need solving are well pitched for the target audience and the fun of the combat has the children giggling (especially when they hit each other's characters!)  2 year old Freddy loved watching his sisters in action, the visuals are really stunning, featuring so much Disney fun!

This is a good game that will entertain all the family.  Perfect for Christmas for your Disney fans.  You can buy it from tomorrow from Amazion for £32.99 for the PS3.  (Other formats also available!)  


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