Monday, 17 October 2011

Goodnight Friends Upsy Daisy Review

In the Night Garden is a massive favourite with pre-schoolers who love the friendly characters from the CBeebies show.

We were sent a Goodnight Friends Upsy Daisy toy from Toys R Us.  The soft, cuddly, plush Upsy Daisy doll  wears a removable nightdress and comes with her own Daisy Light that really lights up (batteries included!)  She is a good likeness of her TV Show counterpart.

Freddy was hoping to find an Iggle Piggle in the box, but was happy to play with "Iggle Piggle's friend" instead!  There is also an Iggle Piggle version of the Goodnight Friends with pj's and lantern.

As well as the Daisy Light, Upsy Daisy comes with slippers, a story book and her skirt.

The Daisy Light turns on by pressing a button which was easy for Freddy to do.  The soft glow turned itself off after a while so no danger of draining the batteries accidentally.

Upsy Daisy is a sweet bedtime toy that children will enjoy tucking up in bed. Getting her changed from her skirt and into her nightdress and slippers before reading her a bedtime story can help little ones learn about night time routines. The gentle glow of the Daisy Light might help settle your toddler down to sleep at night alongside Upsy Daisy.

The set is really nice and will definitely delight ITNG fans.

For £19.99 from Toys R Us, Goodnight Friends Upsy Daisy would be a lovely gift.  Freddy will be donating his Upsy Daisy to a little girl we know who I'm sure will love her!


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