Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Anti-Virus...the Biological Game

Anti-Virus is another title in the range of Smart Games from Jumbo Toys.  The idea of the game is to get rid of the red virus from the cell it has invaded, bypassing all the molecules blocking the way.

The playing pieces fit into the game board as indicated in the challenge instructions.  There are sixty challenges and five different levels from starter through to wizard.  The puzzle pieces can only be moved diagonally, singularly or as a group.  When the red virus is forced out through the exit you have found the solution. 

Like the other games such as Camouflage, this is addictive and challenging.  Sadly again, my inability to solve puzzles is a big hindrance...but as the levels start off easy, even I could solve a few challenges!  But that is as far as I can get...puzzling just isn't for me.  However I can see how these games of logic become addictive.

The game is for ages 7 and up and is for one player at a time.  Once you "catch the bug" there is no stopping you!  No-one is immune to to the infectious fun (except for the spatially challenged like me who just don't get what they are doing!!)

What I love about this game is the fact that it all fits neatly into a zip up bag.  This means the pieces stay safe and can be easily transported for playing on holiday or away from home.  The pieces are really well made and they slide in the game board very satisfyingly.

It's great to see games such as this that develop logical reasoning, cognitive thinking and visual perception.   The Smart Games range are really well conceived, fun and educational.  At £14.99 they are great value and will provide literally hours of fun. 


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