Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get Crafty This Half Term (or Get Creative for Christmas!)

I have a daughter who absolutely adores arts and craft activities.  They keep her occupied, entertained and are perfect for keeping her busy during the school holidays.  I love discovering sets that are affordable, creative and rewarding for Kizzy to do.

Here are four very different craft sets from Flair that tick all the boxes!

The Hello Kitty Cool Cardz Card design Studio is priced at £19.99.  It contains everything you need to make ID cards, party invitations or secret club cards including stampers and pens! They can be laminated and placed in the card holder.  The laminator is heat free meaning it is mess and hassle free, requiring no batteries.  The Hello Kitty branding makes this an instant hit with Kizzy.  The funky studio stores everything neatly inside.  The draws, compartments and flip up lid make the unique workstation very exciting to your budding artists.  Refils are available when the cards get used up so you can continue using the workstation.  For £19.99 this is a great creative play kit that girls will love.

We've used Zubber before, making Zubber Bands.   This kit uses the same material to make Charms and Toppers.  It moulds like dough and sets like rubber.  You mix the Zubber, press it into the mould and model charms.  In 10 minutes they have set like rubber and can be made into bracelets or phone charms.  The result is quick and so children can show off their creations straight away.  The set makes sixteen charms.  It would make a good stocking filler for Christmas costing £6.99.

Charmies Magic Bead Maker allows you to design and create jewellery.  You load up the magic beader with Charmies of your choice (which includes cute characters and cupcakes) then twist it to string your beads.  Secure it with clasps to complete your design.  You can make necklaces, bracelets or keychains.  If you unstring them you can re-use the beads and start again.  Refill sets are available if you don't want to destroy your creations!  The "magical twist" adds novelty value to this jewellery making kit and the cute bead designs make this quite a delightful creative toy!  For £19.99 you can make cute accessories time after time.

The Aquabeads Spray Station is a no mess, no stress bead art kit.  Simply pick a template and place it in the Spray Station, use the 'plopper' pen to place the beads in the right place.  The flower sprayer then sprays a mist of water over the beads making them magically stick together.  (No ironing required...thank goodness!) You can make beautiful bead creations of your own design allowing you to get as creative as you want to be.  The beads are stored in petal shaped drawers keeping everything together which is genius!!  Turning the flower twists the drawers shut keeping the beads safe inside.  With over 800 beads there is a lot of play value to this kit. It is a lot less fiddly than other bead art sets on the market, which is great because I've had to dry tears after other bead related craft disasters!  For £19.99 it is a great product that children can enjoy with minimal help.  No wonder Aqua Beads have been around for years!
Each of these sets are perfect for Kizzy who is just 9 years old.  She can follow the instructions and get on with minimal adult assistance. Younger children could cope with the projects with more support from a grown up.  The end products are all impressive and rewarding to make.  This is an excellent selection of creative play products.

If you have any crafty kids they would make ideal Christmas gifts and would keep them busy during the long winter nights!

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