Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Meet Fudgy Bear!

Meet Fudgy Bear!  He is the latest addition to Freddy's family of cuddly friends.  He is soft, cuddly and very lovable.  Fudgy first came to life when his creator Sarah wrote a book for her little boy about a teddy bear and his trip to a farm. From here the idea grew and a whole series of Fudgy Bear books were written and Fudgy Bear himself was created.  He was made with love, care and attention and it shows.

Fudgy is made of the finest plush, with soft shaggy fur.  He really is cuddly and snuggly, you just have to give him a hug.  He is 32cm tall and made with real attention to detail.  His bright stud eyes and hand embroidered features give him the friendliest face.  His printed bow makes him look super smart!

His claws on his paws are hand stitched  into the softest of pads.  He has his name embroidered on his right foot.  He is a unique teddy!

Freddy loves his Fudgy Bear.  He is a great companion  to sit down ans watch TV with.

He is also lovely to cuddle when you want a big hug.   Both Freddy and Kizzy enjoyed  snuggling with Fudgy Bear.  He really is the softest teddy I've ever squeezed!

Fudgy isn't just a lovable, huggable teddy.  He is also supports learning with his series of books that your child will love.  The books that Sarah wrote featuring Fudgy's adventures are unique and fun and teach your child about animals, animal noises, colours, shapes and numbers. Lovely, colourful photographs introduce pre-schoolers to the zoo, the farm and the seaside.  

The glossy paperback books bring Fudgy Bear to life in a series of exciting adventures.  The full colour pictures feature Fudgy, and Freddy loved pointing him out on the pages.  The books have great educational value, making learning fun!

Kizzy has enjoyed sharing Fudgy and the books with her little brother.  She reads him the stories while he holds onto Fudgy Bear.  It is very sweet!

Fudgy Bear has his own canvas bag so you can carry him and his books around safely.  There is also a fun Fudgy Bear Activity Book to accompany the series.  

You can buy your own Fudgy Bear for just £15.99.  His books are £5.99 each.  At the moment you can purchase Fudgy Bear with all Five books for just £39.95 plus you'll receive a free canvas bag and activity book!  What an amazing Christmas present for your little one!

I'll be giving away a Fudgy Bear with two of the gorgeous books plus the activity book and canvas bag so keep you eyes peeled for that competition coming very soon!!


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