Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is fast approaching.  My children are in full planning mode wondering what to wear for their Halloween parties.  To make sure your tiny trick or treaters look the part, why not check out !

We were very excited to be offered some outfits to try out and enjoyed browsing the website for spooky Halloween Costumes.  There is a fabulous range of children's fancy dress costumes perfect for your little monsters!  From cute character outfits to terrifying zombie outfits, there is something to suit everyone.

We chose an awesome Scary Clown Outfit for Kizzy and a cute Bat outfit for Freddy.  Both are from the Smiffy's range of costumes.

Kizzy's Scary Clown Costume consisted of patterned trousers, a patterned top with a ruff and pom poms, dirty white gloves, scary face shoes and a creepy mask with hair.

We got a Large size which was for ages 10-12.  Kizzy is 9 and quite slim and it fitted her perfectly.  

Kizzy modelled the outfit for me and it was definitely very creepy!!  She loved it!

The mask was quite hot (as most rubber masks are), so for a party I'd face paint Kizzy as a creepy clown which would be more comfortable for her for a prolonged period.  The outfit itself was comfortable and practical with elasticated waistband and a button up top.  

The Clown Costume costs £35.53 and is available in Medium (7-9) and Large (10-12) sizes.  The sizes are not very generous so take that into account when ordering.  This is an awesome costume which fitted Kizzy well and is substantial enough for Trick and Treating.

Freddy's costume was a lovely little Bat outfit consisting of an all-in-one jumpsuit with attached wings and hood. It is made of a fluffy material making it really cuddly.  Being a one piece outfit means you won't lose any attachments which is a positive.

It is really cute but unfortunately my model Freddy was not as keen as his big sister when it came to dressing up.  He wasn't in the mood for dressing up as a bat today, but you can see how cute he looked.

The detail on the outfit is lovely with silky ears, wired, net wings and furry fabric.  We chose age 3-4 for 2 year old Freddy but again sizing isn't generous so the costume fitted quite snugly.  So take that into account when buying for your toddler.  Priced at £15.91 in sizes 1-2 and 3-4, it is a good priced outfit that would keep your toddler very cosy when out having fun on Halloween.

If you want to check out the amazing range of outfits available, take a look at Fancy Dress Outfitters website.
Take a look at their Twitter page @iwantfancydress for up to the minute chat and news.  Like their Facebook page for fun and details of offers and competitions.

For any occasion where you want fancy dress outfits, Fancy Dress Outfitters are a great first stop!


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