Friday, 28 October 2011

Meet the Annoying Monsters

The Annoying Monsters found their way to Earth after being expelled from Planet Boggus by Queen Griselda, who found them just too annoying.  So now they've arrived and all they want to do is meet people and annoy them!  

They burp, scream, giggle, fart, snore and repeat everything you say...these cute, cuddly characters really are annoyingly fun.  You simply activate one of their sensors by tickling, touching or squeezing them to set them off.  They are loud, outrageous, aggravating and very funny!

We received Bothersome Boris and Irritating Ethel, two monsters from the range to review.  Each monster has his own biography giving you a background to your new friend.  Bothersome Boris thinks everything is a laugh and never means to cause bother, even though he causes it aplenty.  Irritating Ethel is as sweet as sugar but annoys the other monsters by trying to kiss and them and making them run away.

A button on their hand allows you to record a message which is then repeated back to you in an annoying monster voice.  That proved a fun feature with my kids making them say all kinds of nonsense!  If you stop playing with them they start snoring very loudly!  A jab in the eye illicits a blood curdling screech, a tickle on the foot has them laughing and jumping around and a poke to the guts expels wind from either end with a burp or a fart!!  This is toilet humour at its best (so not for those likely to be offended by such rudeness!!)

Annoying Monsters are set to be a big hit with children and the young at heart this year!  Children will love the cuddly creatures and will laugh at their outrageous antics.  Grown-ups with a certain sense of humour will find them hilarious!

Marketed by Mint Toys they cost under £20.  Available from Amazon and other stockists.

Check out for games, painting activities, stories, competitions and Annoying Monster fun.  My kids love this really is a lot of fun!  


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