Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Son is 23!

Quite often I'm told I don't look old enough to have a son in his twenties!  It is quite flattering to hear this...although the grey hairs and aching limbs tell a different story!

Joe was the baby I had when I was 19.  He was the baby who turned my life around and put me on the path to where I am now.  Goodness knows what I would have become without him!  He gave me a focus, a reason to live and to love.  He was my little saviour.  My son.

Over the years my son has grown into a man that I am intensely proud of.  He is hard working, ambitious, incredibly likeable, very funny and so loving.  He is building himself a great career, following in the steps of his dad Ian in computers.  He has a lovely girlfriend who he lives with and they are making plans for the future.  It's an exciting time and I feel so honoured to have a son like Joe.

Yesterday we spent the day with Joe to celebrate his 23rd birthday.  Looking back over the years and seeing the man he is today fills me with such pride.  We had such a lovely time laughing together and having fun.  Being a mum defines me...and looking at the end product of years of parenting is the most rewarding feeling in the world!

Joe's First Birthday with Nana
Aged 2 with cousin Kate
Age 5 with Auntie Paula
Joint 8th Birthday with Jade (now his girlfriend!!)
Now aged 23!
Happy Birthday Son, I'm proud to be your Mum!! (Even though you continue to sabotage family photos!!)

But you're never too old for a hug with your mum!!


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