Monday, 24 October 2011

Aquadoodle...Good Clean Fun!

Tomy Aquadoodle Rainbow

Freddy loves to paint, but painting often involves a great deal of mess!  So when Toys R Us sent us the Tomy Aquadoodle Rainbow to try out, it sounded like the perfect solution to satisfy Freddy's desire to paint during those times when I could do without the cleaning up afterwards!

The Aquadoodle Rainbow is an amazing drawing mat that lets you draw rainbow pictures with water using the special water pens, stampers and drawing brush.  The special white surface instantly transforms into brightly coloured markings as it comes into contact with the water.

The set includes the large colourful mat, 2 water pens, 3 stampers, a drawing brush and a water pot.

Both Freddy and Kizzy enjoy playing with the Aquadoodle.  It was brilliant to take to their Grandparents' house for them to play on.  It kept them entertained together and made no mess!

After the children have finished playing with the Aquadoodle mat, you leave it to dry and it's ready to be played with again. 

The water pens can be refilled from the tap and we have experienced no leakage.  The water pot also did not spill at all.  Even if there was a  spill, only a minimum amount of water is used.  So it really is a mess free activity.

It is a great toy that will keep the children entertained for hours in an engaging and mess free activity.  It folds up neatly when you want to pack it away.  It encourages early penmanship skills in pre-schoolers and is a lot of fun.

There is a whole range of Aquadoodle products to choose from.  Check out or look instore to find the perfect Aquadoodle for your little one!


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