Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hipp Organic's New Additions

Hipp Organic have added some new products to their range giving mums more choice when it comes to feeding their little ones healthy, natural snacks or helping them get their five a day!

Hipp have added new Squiggly Corn Puffs as the latest first finger food for babies from 7 months.   With an all natural taste and no nasties, they encourage self feeding with their melt in the mouth texture.  9 year old Kizzy got a real taste for these crispy treats...she liked the natural taste!

Fruit Bars with Cereal in Plum & Apple and Peach flavours are handy sized bars for toddler snacking.  Suitable from 12 months, they have no added sugar and contain 50% organic fruit and four different cereals.  They are perfect for when out and about.  They have a soft biscuity texture and a very fruity taste and are available individually wrapped.

Elephant Biscuits are Hipp Organic's distinctively shaped, mini biscuits.  Freddy has loved these since he was tiny.  They are the perfect size for little hands.  Hipp has tweaked the recipe using organic apple juice to give a sweeter flavour.  They are great for topping up tiny tummies for ages 12 months +.

Little Nibbles Rice Cakes were a great first finger food when Freddy was starting to feed himself.  As they dissolve in the mouth they gave me a feeling of confidence as he chomped on them.  They are now available in three flavours: Organic Apple, Organic Carrot & Pumpkin and Organic Tomato and Sweet Red Pepper.  They are naturally free from added sugar and salt, containing only rice and fruit and vegetable juice.

Unfortunately, now Freddy has eaten grown-up foods his palate has matured and he favours stronger tastes.   The Rice Cakes did not hold too much appeal for him.

The Hipp Organic Little Nibbles range is perfect for a healthy, nutritious start for babies and toddlers.  I will be giving the rice cakes that Freddy won't eat to my friend's baby, who I'm sure will enjoy them as much as Freddy used to at the start of his self-feeding journey.

One product that always get the thumbs up in our house is puréed fruit pouches which are enjoyed by all of us!  So I was very pleased to see Hipp Organic announcing the arrival of their own organic Fruit Pouches, specially developed for babies aged 4 months and over.  The convenient pouches make it so easy to pop one in your handbag and the resealable lid keeps it mess free.

Available in Apple, Strawberry and Banana, Banana, Pear and Mango, Mango, Apple and Peach and Peach, Apple, Blueberry and Raspberry, they make fruit consumption fun and enjoyable!  Each pouch constitutes two of your baby's five a day.  They are bursting with fruity goodness!

Even as a toddler, Freddy will happily slurp a fruit purée direct from the pouch as a tasty snack.  They are so good for him, and such fun to eat. includes comprehensive online resources for parents regarding the importance of 5 a day, toddler feeding plans, recipes, expert advice and product information.

Hipp Organic products are available in Boots, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose amongst others.  The new products add to the all encompassing range of products suitable from weaning through to toddlerhood!


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