Friday, 14 October 2011

North Pole Camouflage...the Transparent Game!

North Pole Camouflage the Transparent Game by Jumbo Games is a one player game of logic which challenges you to help North Pole creatures "hide in plain sight"!

You have to arrange the six transparent puzzle pieces so the animals are camouflaged in their correct environments and do not overlap with the hunters.

There are 48 challenges ranging from starter to master, each with its own challenge card that fits into the game board, but using the same six puzzle pieces.  Solving each challenge needs logical reasoning, cognitive thinking and spatial perception.  (This means I'm out...I am incredibly spatially challenged, but thankfully my Tiny Testers are not!!)

Kizzy enjoys games of logic and liked the idea of saving the animals!  Fish and whales need to be in the sea, polar bears need to be in the snow, neither can go on top of the hunter!

It is quite challenging, but Kizzy got up to Level 5 without too much difficulty...only 43 more levels to go!!  Daddy tried to go straight in at the hardest level...he regretted that decision!  It really is tricky and requires real logic to solve the challenges.  This game will keep the family puzzling for a long time.

The game board has a pull out section to store the challenge cards and puzzle pieces neatly.  This makes it good for taking on holiday or to the grandparents' house to keep the kids occupied.

The solutions to all the levels are included, so if you end up tearing your hair out you can take a peek.  This game is recommended for ages it is suitable for the older kids, mum, dad, granny and grandad!

It is a real brainteaser that will help develop problem solving skills in boys and girls.  

Definitely a good educational toy for children who enjoy puzzles and a game that all the family can play, taking it in turns to complete the challenges.  (Sadly, I couldn't do level 1 without help...I really am useless as solving shape puzzles!)


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