Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ew Head Lice...I'm Itching Just Writing This!

The kids are back at school mingling with their friends again...which means lots of head to head contact.  The head lice are having a field day finding new scalps upon which to colonise.  It's like an insectoid episode of Location, Location, Location as the nasty nits choose which head offers them the best choice of accommodation to move into! The mere mention of the 'n' words causes me to itch uncontrollably at the thought of another infestation (with 5 kids, we've had a few unwelcome guests Inside the Wendy House over the years!)

When I was given the chance to try Linicin, the new simple way to treat and prevent head lice, I was only to eager to give some a try.  They say "treating lice is child's play" with their range which is suitable for all the family.

I was sent a bottle of Linicin Prevent Spray which is used for the prevention of head lice.  The spray-in treatment lasts for 7 hours giving protection throughout the whole school day when your child is most at risk.  One bottle contains 30 applications making it perfect for your daily routine.

The spray is colourless and has a neutral scent.  It goes on easily and leaves no residue.  Simply spraying once a day can avoid the upset of a head lice infestation.  Brilliant.

Seven days in and Kizzy has not had a single head lice trying to claim her head as its own.  I am happy to continue using this product and feel confident that it will protect her from those nitty nasties!!

Furthermore, the range is safe: 

  • Contains no insecticides
  • Mild and non-toxic – odourless and colourless
  • Linicin Shampoo 10 min and Linicin Prevent Spray have been awarded a rating of ‘very good’ for skin safety
  • Low-flammability
  • Not tested on animals
In addition to the Prevent Spray, there is a 15 Minute Lotion Treatment which comes with a free steel toothed comb and a 10 Minute Shampoo.  I hope I'll never need to try these products out!!

The Prevent Spray costs £7.49 for the 100ml bottle.  If it continues to keep lice at bay, it is worth every penny!!

You can purchase it directly through the website.. The site also contains lots of information, facts, myths and tips about nits! The site even has ideas for 15 minute activities to do with the kids during treatments and has downloadable worksheets to print out.  Linicin has everything covered!


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