Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Girl For All Time

Matilda Marchmont is a 13 year old girl who lives in the court of Henry VIII in the Tudor times.  She is the fictional inspiration behind A Girl For All Time, a beautifully crafted historical doll.  Created as an alternative to the dolls available on the market, they offer young girls aged 8-11, a doll which allows them to feel grown-up without pushing them too quickly into the world of adulthood.

Matilda is 16" high and looks like a porcelain doll, although she is actually made from high quality vinyl so she can be played with.  Her extra long hair can be brushed and styled.  

She comes authentically dressed in a hand sewn Tudor court dress of luxurious grey velvet with a plum kirtle, Tudor underwear and petticoat and a pearl trimmed headdress.  Matilda also wears the key to the secret trunk in which she stores her treasures, adding to her back story!  Other outfits are available to purchase separately including a Velvet Cloak, a Masked Ball Gown and a Night Shift.

 With a price tag of £89.99, she's more of an investment than a doll to be played with by a little one.  But as a collectible, set to become a family heirloom, Matilda is a unique and original historical doll.

Much more affordable are the accompanying books.  We were sent the novel Matilda's Secret which tells the story of  Matilda as she is drawn into the world of intrigue and mortal danger in the court of Henry VIII.

The novel encourages an interest in history and introduces young girls to an exciting era in England's past.  Written as a diary, it explores Tudor Times from the point of view of young Matilda.  The 180 page novel includes beautiful illustrations.  RRP £6.99.

There is also a Keepsake and Secrets Book which brings the past to life with a series of activities and  things to do.  Tudor themed fun allows you to explore the past. RRP £14.99.

To buy any of the products or to find out more visit the website


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