Friday, 21 October 2011

Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster

After the fun that we've had with our Let's Rock Elmo, imagine our excitement when we saw that Toys R Us were sending us a Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster to test out!  Another furry friend to come and play Inside the Wendy House.

I've always had a soft spot for the cookie eating, googly eyed, furry blue character with the insatiable appetite and no table manners!  The toy itself was just as cute and lovable as his Sesame Street counterpart.

He comes with three plastic choc chip cookies which you feed him through a slot in his mouth.  He chats away asking for more, counting, burping, nom nomming and after eating all three, rewards you with a song.  The cookies go from his mouth into his smart red back pack so you can get them out really easy and start the biscuit binge again.  The cookies can be stored in there when he isn't being played with, so hopefully the cookies won't get lost.

Freddy found it very easy to play with the Cookie Monster, feeding him, retrieving the cookies and counting along and singing with him.  It keeps him engaged for ages!!  He hasn't as yet tried to feed him anything other than the plastic cookies...I'm not sure what the result would be if this occurred!

As it only counts to 3 it isn't really an educational toy.  Freddy can count to ten  already, so it didn't really teach him anything he didn't know.  There is a little early maths introduced to toddlers as he tells you that one more or two more cookies will equal three as you feed him.  It is recommended for children aged 18 months to 4 years so the younger children may learn early number skills.  He gives instructions and even says thank you so he aids language development through interactive play.   You can tickle his foot to make him giggle and squirm which is quite funny!  He says "That tickles!" which Freddy now loves to copy.

The Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster is £29.99 from Toys R Us.  He is pure entertainment for a pre-schooler who will love his friendly, playful banter.  Freddy has discovered that you can spin him around on his base and spends a lot of time playing with him by spinning him whilst trying to insert cookies.  That has got to help his co-ordination!!  It is another lovely piece of Sesame Street merchandise that is cute, fun and lovable.   He may not do as much as some of the other interactive toys I have reviewed but this is reflected in the price. As long as you aren't expecting an educational counting toy, you will enjoy watching your little one play with the Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster!


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