Saturday, 2 April 2011

Our Cut Price Easter Egg Hunt

I can't believe that we are in April already.  It seems not five minutes ago I was buying Christmas Presents and now I'm buying Easter Eggs.  Easter is another time of year that we can really feel the pinch financially.  Organising an Easter hunt for a party of choccie mad children can be a costly affair.  So when Aldi offered to send me a selection of their Easter goodies to try out, I was keen to see what my kids thought of them.

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Aldi sent me a selection including:

 Milk Chocolate Bunny 69p
Mini Eggs 59p
Hollow and Solid Milk Chocolate Treasures 99p
Choceur Chocolate Rabbit 99p
Chocolate Bunny Biscuits 99p

These products are all the equivalent of mid range confectionery brands that have much higher price tags.  For just over a fiver, I had a quality selection of lovely Easter products ready for a fun filled Easter Egg Hunt with plenty of goodies left to munch on throughout the day for all the family.

The individually wrapped chocolates were perfect to hide for Freddy to find in the grass.  The foil wrappers are printed with really fun, cute characters, ideal for an Easter Egg hunt.

Freddy and Kizzy had a great time finding the goodies in the garden.  Freddy was dressed for the occasion in his Easter Chick outfit.  It was great practice for Easter weekend!

The children (and us grown ups) enjoyed sampling the choccie treats that Freddy and Kizzy found.  They had huge fun and it was brilliant that it was so reasonable  It is a great activity for the little ones to do at Easter...I'm looking forward to doing it all again on Easter Sunday with the goodies we have left!  

easter egg hunt, Easter, chick, fancy dress

Mums and dads don't have to go without their own treat for Easter.  Aldi's Milk Chocolate Flame Egg  is a top quality thick, luxurious milk egg with delicious chocolates inside...and a bargain at £2.99!

Easter is another time when Aldi can save you money!  Instead of buying all top brand chocolates, give Aldi's range a might be surprised!

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