Monday, 18 April 2011

Inch Blue Shoes

Inch Blue make handmade soft leather shoes for babies and children up to 5-6 years old.  With beautiful designs and high quality workmanship, Inch Blue are a breath of fresh air in a world of mass production.

I was approached by Inch Blue asking me if I wanted a pair for Freddy to try out.  I picked out a few designs that I liked and was delighted to receive the fantastically funky Guitar Black/Cheetah pair from the Rock Star range!  Perfect for my little rock baby!!

They are lovely, beautifully made from soft leather which allows Freddy's feet to breathe.  They make perfect shoes for playing in.  They allow flexibilty, have non-slippy suede bottoms and are really comfy and well fitting.  Freddy uses them indoors and out and they look fabulous and very cool!

The shoes Freddy received retail at £17.00 and were size XL (18-24 months).  They arrived in a clear plastic presentation bag.  They would make a fantastic present for any little rocker!  My guitar playing husband and teenage daughter absolutely loved the design!  There really is a design for everyone in Inch Blue's extensive selection of gorgeous shoes.

Thank you Inch Blue!

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*We received the shoes as a gift and were not asked to write a review in return.  But because we loved them so much, we wanted to share our thoughts with everyone!*


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