Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Birthday Ella

I can hardly believe that it was a whole 15 years ago that I first met my beautiful daughter Ella.  She was born in the early hours of a Monday morning back in 1996 following a roast dinner at my mum's house on a Sunday afternoon.

Ella's birth was quick and easy, although the midwife did not believe that I was in labour and left us in a room without a bed and did not check on us at all. It was only when I started to push that the midwife actually decided to believe that her birth was imminent!  My 9lb bundle of beautifulness entered the world. (A bit of a shock given that baby 1 weighed 7lb 1oz and baby 2 weighed 7lb 6oz!)

Ella came at a difficult time in my life.  My sister died when I was 2 months pregnant and the two events were difficult to separate in my mind.  I felt a mixture of joy, hope, guilt and fear carrying my baby.  It was only when Ella was safely home that I was able to relax.  She helped me to heal.  I gave her my sister's names as her middle names in honour of the auntie she never met.

She was such a contented little soul who smiled within her first week.  The Health Visitor who witnessed her gorgeous gummy grins, was amazed that such a little baby was so responsive to being cooed at.  Her lovely nature and easy going temperament continued, making her an infant who could stop shoppers in Asda at a hundred paces by making eye contact and flashing her smile.  She really was a joyous little soul, and a blessing to us all.

Over the years Ella has delighted me, amazed me, made me proud and brought me such joy.  Her incredible musical talent has enriched our lives.  Our house is always filled with her singing, guitar and piano playing.  She has an amazing empathy and warmth for others that is a delightful gift.  She is incredibly bright, has a wicked sense of humour and shares my passion for horror films!  She is a wonderful daughter.  I simply adore her.

Ella's birthday party was a great afternoon.  Teenagers descended for a garden party and they had a great time consuming vast quantities of pizza, doughnuts and ice lollies!  Thank goodness the sun was shining, I can't imagine having them all in my house.  They are a great bunch of this day and age when teenagers are branded as all being anti-social hooligans with ASBO's, it made me proud that Ella has picked such a lovely bunch of kids as her friends.

*So happy birthday to my gorgeous daughter.  I love you so very much and I burst with pride when I think that I had a hand in creating someone as wonderful as you!*

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