Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Making Pink Cut-Off Shorts with Dylon

We were lucky enough to be  sent a selection of goodies from Dylon to try out Inside the Wendy House.  One of the products that was included was Dylon's Fabric Dye for Hand Use.  They come in 24 vibrant shades including Sunflower Yellow, Tropical Green and Flamingo Pink.  Each sachet contains enough dye to transform smaller items.  You just need to add water and salt to permanently change the colour of your chosen items.

With the economic climate taking its toll, and with the importance of trying to re-use and recycle  in order to help the environment, brands like Dylon can help by revamping any old, tired wardrobe.  Clothing that may have been thrown out can now be given a second lease of life.

With the help of Dylon's Flamingo Pink Dye, we transformed a pair of old white jeans into a fun and funky pair of cut-off denim shorts for Kizzy.

She enjoyed helping me and it was a very easy process.

The colour was vibrant and bright, and the dye took really well.

Here is a video of what we did!

Dylon also produce some great craft products for getting creative with fabrics.  Fabric pens and paints will let you unleash the inner designer and add colourful embellishments to personalise clothing, make unique t-shirts or add 3D sparkle to your jeans.  We'll be vlogging about our attempts soon so watch this space!

Check out Dylon's Facebook page for competitions, news and fun!


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