Sunday, 10 April 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been tagged for this award a few times now and have been a bit lazy doing it...mostly because I am struggling to think of ten things I haven't yet disclosed on my blog.  I mean everyone knows by now why I'm tee total!  I'm running out of secrets on account of my no holds barred complete disclosure policy!  But I will try to come up with the goods.  Previously I have posted 7 things about me and all about me which reveal a whole host of fascinating  facts *coughs*.

1:  My ex-boyfriend who was cheating on me and treating me like crap had given me a necklace at the beginning of our relationship.  When we finally split up he wanted it back.  I said I would mail it to him.  I packaged it up in an envelope then thought sod it!  I ripped the corner of the package, pulled out the necklace and posted the empty tampered with envelope to him (you just can't trust the postal service can you *sniggers at just desserts*.) Years later I sold it on Cash My Gold!

2:  When I was a kid I was giving someone a piggy back and due to having my shoelace undone, tripped up and fell flat on my face.  I busted my nose, got two black eyes and my lip went black and swelled up. My entire face was absolutely smashed in.

3:  I was a Phone A Friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  I won my friend £16,000 by knowing what a Fulmar was.  I took the call sat on the bathroom floor with a Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia on my lap (this was when you had dial-up so Googling whilst on the telephone was an impossibilty!)  She went on to win £64,000!  We went to the filming of the 100th Episode and I met Chris Tarrant who was a twat.

4:  I absolutely hate polystyrene...the look, the feel, the sight, the sound. *shudders*

5:  If money was no object I'd have my Xanthelasma removed. But I cannot justify the expense of a cosmestic procedure on myself.

6:  When I was tiny, I used to stage tricycle accidents by lying on the floor and pulling my trike on top of me.  I'd then scream for my mum who would come to my rescue.  Attention seeker much!!

7:  I used to play on a building site opposite my home when I was growing up.  One day I trod on a 6" nail attached to a plank of wood and it went through my foot.  Because we were not really allowed to play there my big sister and our next door neighbour pulled the nail and plank off of my foot and washed my blood soaked sock and foot in the ditch.  We kept it secret.  Thank God I didn't get gangrene or tetanus or some other hideous disease!

8:  I bought my first car outright aged 18.  The first time I pulled into my parent's drive I crashed it into the concrete gate post.  It was the first time I'd used the F-Word in front of my mother!!

9:  I was once stopped by American Immigration and interrogated by a terrifying woman when I took my 5 year old niece to Los Angeles.  They thought we were trying to kidnap her and smuggle her into the states.  So after a 14 hour journey with her and my own 5 year old son, we had to explain that we had won a holiday to LA and were taking her with us because I am such a lovely auntie!!  Not a good way to start a holiday!!  No wonder my travel phobia has got worse and worse over the years.

10:  I have only visited my MIL and FIL once since we have been married.  They live on the Isle of Man and the boat journey is long and choppy.  We went in 1996 and I went green and so did the kids. I hate boats most out of all forms of transport.  We have never returned.  I am officially a terrible DIL!!

Thank you to everyone who has tagged me already...and if anyone else wants to share some hidden gems about themselves, please consider yourself tagged.  I look forward to delving into your pasts!!!


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